NINJA WOODFIRE Outdoor Grill – A Review

Large Radish

 I bit the bullet and bought a Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill...

This portable, lightweight unit is a powerhouse of heat, smoke, and flavor!

This little grill has what all of those big grills don’t: portability. I’ve already had it at a school function.

Ringing in at just 31 pounds, it is heavy enough to be substantial and not blow over in strong wind.

This is an electric unit, so it gets hot! it makes grill marks and it locks in the flavor.

When you want something that’s VERY smoky, this Ninja is the appliance for the job.

 The Woodfire Smoke is by far my FAVORITE setting, I loved the smoky flavor was in every bite.

It DOES do a good job of air frying. We did fries, of course, and they came out crisp and just right.

It also has settings for bake, roast,  broil, and dehydrate. It can do  all the things your indoor oven can do!

The Final Word If you’re on the fence about it, let me remind you it is portable,  inexpensive, easy to move around, and gives great flavor to anything it  makes!

But wait...there's more... Tap the link below for for more details and optional accessories!