About Grill What You Love

Grill What You Love is all about grilling the kind of food that tastes good, makes you feel good, and thrills both you and your guests.

Chef Jenn Allen is the culinary force behind this blog, and with decades of cooking experience, including many, many years as a professional chef, she’s sharing with you the kinds of recipes that can make you proud to put the dish on the table. She’s also a cookbook author, recipe developer, photographer, and founding member of Food Drink Life, a digital magazine that’s taking the Internet by storm.

Chef Jenn brings her unique culinary perspective to this blog – having lived her life between two very different countries, she brings the best of global, regional, and down-home cooking to each of her recipes.

So, grab a coffee and a notepad to jot down a shopping list, and get ready to Grill What You Love!

Chef Jenn Allen
Grill What You Love with Chef Jenn!